This house renovation was about keeping some of the texture and weathered-with-age feel, but updating it with a simple, modern addition of furnishings and fixtures. I wanted an elegant Scandinavian feel, but with a casual New Orleans vibe.┬áScandicamp is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, shotgun oasis. The house features an open floor plan and artful touches throughout. Hand oiled original wood floors, original Chambers stove, tester bed, large antique armoire, adorable Smeg refridgerator, original claw foot tub. ┬áThere’s even a retro-cool 1960 renovated Airstream Tradewind on site. It is available as an extra bedroom and has the same vintage, yet modern vibe of the house. There is a huge, lush back yard with brick patio for dining/entertaining out back. There is a hammock, under the tree canopy, tucked in the back corner of the yard. Plus a recycled window shack for having drinks or for storage. It is one-of-a-kind sanctuary.