Art In Bloom NOMA 2012

I was asked to participate in Art In Bloom this year at NOMA. I was in the Tablescapes category. It was lots of fun. But tons of work. I loved the process of visualizing the end product and actually working to make it happen. I had a vision of it while getting a massage in Costa Rica 🙂




I had been thinking of these poufs I was making and wanted to incorporate flowers into the mix, so I made carnation cushion tops for them.


Here are a couple close ups. My painting there. (the only time I will ever have a painting in a museum:) And the teacup party sculpture, I love this sale find from UA.



I wanted to add something edible into the mix, since I felt it was sort of a tea party, I made this flower ball cake. There was quite a ball theme going on.



The view from another angle.




I used a little black throughout, I guess as I always do when designing stuff. It’s just the graphic in me. This globe was added with my title written on it.




I used some natural elements-moss balls, birds nest, dragon fly, air plants and wish bones for texture. And added my heart plate and starfish, as well.



After finishing up I realized I had not made a sign. So I ran home and frantically came up with the chalkboard sign and leaned in on the lamp. It was a great event. All the tablescapes were awesome. I was very proud to be in their company.




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