Cameron crabbing

Crab On!!

Over Memorial Day we went to visit my Mom and Dad in Welsh. My lifelong friend, Lisa had invited us to visit their camp in Cameron and go crabbing. When I was a kid my grandmother, Gammy and her husband, Dadoe, would take us crabbing and I remember such fun and wonderful times spent pulling in big ones. We called them Grandaddy’s. I was thrilled to have my kids experience this awesome adventure. So we headed down south of Lake Charles to Cameron Parish. It was a beautiful day. The marshes were vibrant.

Cameron marsh

We made it to Lisa and Scott’s camp and Mose enjoyed a little relaxing swing under the oak tree.

Cameron mose swing

I found a nice, and appropriate, place to rest myself as well.

cameron aligator

Mathilda met the new Henry family pup and fell hard.

Cameron mj and pup

We  rode over to the crabbing spot via golf cart, and Mose and Mathilda took turns driving. There are no pictures, because I was scared for my life, and the life of the cart. The crabbing started out slow, but just as Scott predicted they started coming and coming fast. I’m ready!

Cameron Jill with net


We were doing line crabbing. No crab nets here. Just throw in a string tied to the side of the bridge with some chicken melt (don’t ask) on it, and boom, CRAB ON!!! MJ picked her spot and stayed.

Cameron mj crab

The Grandaddy.

Cameron crab on

Mose was the official net man and he was quite busy, at one point he was running, literally, from water to ice chest, as everyone with a line was screaming CRAB ON!

Cameron mose net

Now the term, CRAB ON, was new to me. We never did scream that when I was a kid. But it sure was fun screaming it on this day. The ice chest got so full, that when we opened it to add another, other crabs would escape! Josh grabs one (carefully) before it makes it back to the safety of the marsh. Lisa has even made CRAB ON t-shirts.

Cameron JOsh

Here is the haul.

Cameron the haul

After about an hour and 1/2 we started snacking and thinking about heading back. Mose taking a break from the net.

Cameron mose chillin

Gammy and Dadoe would also take us to Rutherford beach for summer vacations. They would rent a very bad camp, I remember once having to use a broom handle to open the refrigerator door or be electrocuted. However, they were all good memories. When you are a kid, beach time is beach time.  I wanted to go see the beach, how it looked since Rita, (which devastated this area) and show the fam where I spent summer days. It really was nice, actually, except for the trash. There was some good shelling and lots of shoes. OMG, so many shoes!

Cameron shell

Mathilda and Trinity, Lisa and Scott’s daughter, got in the water and splashed around.

Cameron- Mja nd trinny

And a mom and kids rode by in a 4 wheeler, with the ‘merican flag flying and the oil rig pumping in the background. Now that’s the “real” redneck riviera 🙂

Cameron beach shot

After beach combing, we headed over to the Henry’s house in Lake Charles to do the deed of boiling the crabs. Scott has been doing this a long time. They were so good, I took 2 dozen home and ate them day after day for three days. And did not share, I am ashamed to say. Perfection in a pot. Thank you.

Camercon Scott servin em up




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  1. Scott Henry says November 8, 2013

    Crab On! is the word! or two words. This is paradise, all that you need is to be here. We were so thrilled to have you all down here and to share our blessing. It is nice to sit back, relax and take it all in. We never take it for granted. We were just trying to repay your hospitality, when we were in your part of the world and you all took care of us like we were royalty. What a deal it is to share! sh

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