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I visited some old friends recently in New Canaan, Ct. They have lived in this modern house for a few years moving from New Orleans around 11 years ago. Suzanne Ehrlich is, like me, an ex graphic designer turned interior designer. She was the one who inspired me to start doing interior design, actually. And continues to inspire me in all that she does. Here are some pics of her gorgeous home on a lake off a very windy road in Ct. She shares this home with her husband, and 3 kids. (I should apologize in advance for the use of the words awesome and cool and amazing over and over again in this post;)


In the kitchen, Suzanne has amassed an extremely significant and amusing collection of cookie jars. She basically designed this kitchen around them. A part of the family, you could say.

Suz kitchen

A great vintage sign that sums up this house. Fun, eclectic and happy. Random lights in the dining area. Ikea lack shelving holds all the books you could ever want.

Suz happiness sign

The view from the kitchen down into a family lounge and side patio. Sliver of Nama Rocco wall paper on the wall. The girl can style.

Suz lounge from up

Downstairs powder room with a collection of awesome thingies and antique mirror for some texture. Missoni hand towel.

Suz powder room

The first floor landing. It was very nice to visit these old paintings once again. She has collected a varied assortment of my graphic paintings over the years. Serena and Lilly basket is the perfect accompany to the wall and art.

Suz stair well

A vintage Kagan sofa sectional hangs out in the downstairs lounge.

Suz downstair lounge

Along with a vintage womb chair and African headdress. Not only does she collect my paintings, but one of my very first pillows adorns the womb.

Suz womb chair

The other half of the Kagan sectional sits on the other end of the lounge. Covered in the coolest fabric and presiding over her collection of trailer paintings by Stephanie Nance. If Suzanne likes someones art, she buys in bulk and so one of the really nice things about being friends with her is she gives great gifts of art. She had all of the cabinetry custom made though out the house. It really makes it.

Suz lounge area art

Looking up from the lounge to the kitchen. That Iannone console on the far wall is one of my favorites. To the left is a fire place with a lighted hearth. So cool.

Suz lounge full with tim


The patio outside the lounge is so very cool, as are all the outdoor spaces.

Suz porches

Suzanne’s oldest, Zoe, is a fashionista at 15. And that word really does not do her justice. She just has a gift for style (the apple doesn’t fall….) Suzanne changes out the chalkboard headboard design once a year. Componobili storage rounds, Ikea rug and Marimekko duvet at the foot of the bed. All a graphic mix that wows.

Suz zoe bed

When Zoe is not filming a video for her YouTube channel or finding the next best lipstick shade, she can be found at her sewing machine, stitching away at whatever inspires her. Perfect wallpaper for an aspiring fashion designer.

Suz zoe work room

Zoe’s inspiration wall. Mathilda’s smiley face yarmulke from her Bat Mitzvah hangs among the Chanel bags. Touche’

Suz zoe wall

Lola’s room is so gorgeous. I, of course love the ball chair and the 100$ bill pouf from Urban Outfitters. But the custom made wallpaper with her name and love- pretty much sums her up. Yummy girl. Here (on right) with MJ and Zoe.

Suz girls in Lola room

An art wall in Lola’s room, all by Tatiana Tensen. I was gifted one of these, as well. I guess the big ones are just too big to pack in a suitcase. I understand that.

Suz art close

In the hall outside 8 year old Nate’s room are some VERY old friends of mine up on the wall. I think these are my very first paintings ever. (Loyal collectors to a fault) Chair underneath covered in Ikea print. Love that.

Suz hallway to nate


In Nate’s room are the fiberglass sharks Suzanne has been collecting for many years. Made by an artist in Austin. Love all the vintage pieces in here. I see they threw on that Saints pillow just to appease me. (Nate does not like the Saints anymore;) Love the custom desk table made from a slab of wood. She really does rock (wood).

Suz nat room bed

Also in Nate’s room a vintage piece of art of mine, I think was a gift at his birth. I am his godmomma, so I do love him lots. Love the horns too.

Suz nate close up

Possibly my favorite room in the house and there are many. But I really love this bathroom that Lola and Nate share. Super cool commercial sink with the tangled rope lights. So stealing this idea.

Suz kids bath

The master bedroom entry here. So much fun and so much light. A truly happy spot.

Suz bedroom side

Mathilda chillin’ on the sofa covered in the most awesome Beni Ouarian fabric. Glam.

Suz master mj

The view of the master from the upstairs landing. I think Suzanne painted the wall herself and the rise and shine letters are the perfect reminder that every day is a fresh start. Love it.

Suz bed from up

The second floor outside patio off the kitchen. Love the wood walls and crazy fun lighting.

Suz porch table

The view out over the lake was not documented very well be moi. It is fabulous. I especially love, just a hint of it in picture, the custom cut astro turf cow hide shaped rug. Genius. And, of course, the retro fire place way down by the water. Super cool, amazing, inspiring, happy, talent filled house full of some of my favorite peeps.

Suz outside lake





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