Holiday Market 09.

Great fun and lots of new friends and family..

Alexa in her shop of papers. All amazing.

New to our market, jewelry designer, Kiki Houston in her shop. Loved having her.

Jill’s pillows and people. Some are still available. Email me at or log on to my etsy site at Custom orders available. The theme and inspiration this year for collages and people was “Family Circus”.

Aunt Mary. Sold.

Cici. 18×18″ $75 Most of the the new pillows have hand tye dyed, vintage, doilies appliqued on them. Lots of organic linens.

Baby sister. 85$ She wants to be the big sister.

Mommy. Sold.

Talk collage on wood. 55$

Macy. 18×18″ 75$

Uncle Charles. Sold.

My Heart collage on wood. 80$

Ann. 20×20″ 90$

Step Mom. 85$ She has some issues.

Daddy. 85$ No matter what, he’s always on your side.

Paula. 14×24 80$

Swing collage on wood. 75$

Super. sold.

Peg. 18×18 75$

Tam. sold.

Baby brother. 55$ The E stands for into Everything!

Gimme collage on wood. 80$

Kyle. 18×18 75$

I Can on wood. 80$

Baby Sitter. 85$ She’s always the peacemaker.

Rea. 14×20″ 75$

Cousin Henry 55$ He loves to give good hugs.

Zoe. 20×20″ 90$

Grandma Joan 60$ with Jane pillow 12×16 65$

Sister. Sold. with Karen pillow. Sold.

Lives collage on wood. 50$


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  1. Laurie Dearman says December 14, 2009

    Loved it! Please do it more often!

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