Holiday Market 2013

Always fun!

We had our annual Holiday Market at my house again this year. It is so much fun to see how everyone evolves from year to year. Just a great time, seeing friends and meeting new people.


Here are all the girls. Nancy with her loomed creations. To Be Continued.

Market 13 Nancy

My personal favorite here.

market 13 nancy necklace


Rebecca and her wall of wonderful.

Market 13 Rebecca


A must have for the feather lover.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 10.58.51 AM

Alexa has her stationary stacked up and pretty.

Market 13 Alexa

My fav’s here.

market 13 alexa cards

The Depetra sisters are always a hit with their amazing jewelry.

Market 13 depetra

I have wanted one of their special magic pouches for quite awhile. I looked at one early in the day before the start of the market. Then afterwards before bedtime, Josh gave it to me. How did he know? Magic?

market 13 depetra necklace


Helene was with us with a new line of shirts with gorgeous collars and fun sun hats.

Market 13 Helene

One of a kind for me.

market 13 helene shirt

I was back in my studio for the Market and got lots of visitors. Some pics from my shop.

stools 13

An assortment of widgets and pillows and stools.

Market 13 wall 1

I also had framed Instaprints from my Instagram posts. Love them.

Market 13 wall 2

Favorite pillows.

Yay pillow


pillow gray cray


pillow yes


The widgets were going fast. Love these the most.

widget harry 22

widget sunny 2

widget penelope 2

widget bandit 2

widget piglet 2

I also had my postcards that I printed this year from mostly graffiti found in my travels. Lots from London in the mix.

postcards set 13

Just a great day. Very chill.

market 13 assortment 1







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  1. A Festive Day In December | Alexa Pulitzer says January 7, 2014
  2. sally lightfoot doody says January 7, 2014

    so sorry i missed out this year. great post… i truly enjoyed it! love to you and yours and happy 2014.

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