Keewaydin and Songadeewin Camp 2014

I heart camp

I loved camp. Some of my favorite times, still to this day, were experienced at camp. Self esteem building, team building, starting fresh, independent thinking, overcoming fear. All these things are accomplished at sleep away camp. My kids have been enjoying these experiences for 8 years (MJ) now and I hope they understand what an amazing opportunity it is for them. (I guess they will someday) This year my niece Miriam got to go to Songa for 4 weeks.

I am so happy she got to experience all of the above.


Here are the rats ready for flying.

camp airport mj and mose

The gangs all here at Keewaydin, including my sister Dawn. We did the boys camp drop off first as it is easier. (no lice check line:)

camp drop off all

This year Mose is in the oldest group which has it’s cabins up on the mountain called Mooslamoo. It was a quite a hike for us. Here he is at his cabin as I’m trying to catch my breath.

camp mose in cabin

The annual tether ball game was played. MJ wins.

camp tetherball

Quick goodbyes, no hug this year tho 🙁 He was gone right before my eyes, poof into Moosland.


The Keewaydin Calderesque canoe paddle sculpture.

camp calder paddles

On to Songa. MJ in Periwinkle (all the tents are named after trees)

camp mj in periwinkle

The annual bed photo.

camp mj on bed

Miriam at her tent Nyssa.

camp mi in nyssa

So all good at camp for 4 weeks. Kayaking, yoga, archery, running club, sailing, fitness, paddle board, rock climbing, canoeing, tennis, etc. 10 day canoe trips on white water for MJ. 9 day canoe trip in the Adirondacks for Mose. At mid season we headed back up to visit my kids and pick up Miriam. She goes to NYC to see my brother, then home to Italy.


We stayed at The Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen, VT this year. It was a great little spot. We loved it.

Camp blueberry

The hello hugs.

camp mose mid sea

camp mid sea mj kayakcamp mi runningcamp midsea mj and mo

Mathilda did a kayak show where she did a hand roll in a kayak. Which means you are using your hands to roll over under water and back up. Pretty cool trick. Here she is getting ready.

camp mj kayak

Mose and Josh played ultimate frisbee at Keewaydin, baseball and free swim. All together one last time.

camp three kids

Mathilda very proud of the Golden Dust Pan award her tent received the last 3 weeks.

camp golden dust pan

So this year, instead of taking the kids home with us, we left them there. Reason being this is Mathilda’s last year as a camper. She is going on the “senior trip” second session. This is a 17 day canoeing trip to an area in Canada called Verendrye. It is a big deal for them and an intense trip with lots of portages (carrying their canoes a mile or so each day, basically on their heads/shoulders) In order to do this trip she needs to stay all 8 weeks. (she will become a sweet 16 while on her trip, too) Since she was staying 8 weeks, Mose decided he wanted to stay 8 too, but that ended up only being 7 weeks, because his new school, Ben Franklin, starts a week before the last day of camp.


At the mid season camp fire, I was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. I guess because I had such a wonderful experience at camp, and MJ has loved it too. The whole idea of it ending for her (hence me) really choked me up. And my quiet niece standing up and saying what she was proud of accomplishing this summer, didn’t help. Then at the end, Mathilda and our family was called up to collect a Songa S for being a dedicated Songa family. 8 year campers are obviously a big deal. The Songa Strong of Heart award was given. It was a huge surprise and I tried to contain my emotions. (it was dark so that was good:) I am just so happy for my kids and thankful that we could give them this gift every summer.

camp S

The next day we picked up Miriam at camp and she and MJ hugged and I cried and so on. I can’t put into words how much it meant to me. Quay, quay, quay.

camp good bye mi






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