Lashing Out

God gave me many gifts and attributes, of which I am very thankful. Unfortunately, killer lashes were not in that list. So for most of my adult life I have tried all brands of mascara (and lots of it) to make up for this deficiency. Which my friend and I term, embryolash. Well, a few months ago, I decided to try lash extensions, available at lots of salons. To make a long story short, I have come from caterpillar eyes, for 40$ a pop, to soft, wispy eyes from my local Walgreens, 3.99$ They are very easy to apply. And I never need mascara, at least not gobs of it. Yes they fall off and yes they are fake, but all in all, they save time and I feel prettier. And at this point in my life, those two are golden with me. 🙂



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  1. josh says June 5, 2013

    i like it when you feel prettier. 🙂

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