Mose turns 14

My man mose

I never know what to get Mose for his birthday. It usually comes right after Hanukkah and Christmas, so by that time, I am all out of ideas and cannot bear to step into Dick’s Sporting Goods again. A lot of the the time we are out of town on his birthday, which drives him a little crazy. This year we were home, but getting ready for a trip. Our morning b day ritual is to wake up and open presents. He has become obsessed with South Park, which drives ME a little crazy. But I know I need to let him be…himself. So I got him a South Park T-shirt. I was very proud of my overnight Amazon purchase because it had Butters on it and there aren’t many out there with Butters on it. (he loves Butters) I made some points.

mose bd south park tshirt

Mose has never asked for an animal before, but he has such a soft spot for all animals. He gets VERY upset when any animal is harmed or killed. A few weeks ago he mentioned that he wanted a kitten, just in passing really, but I always have my mommy ears up and I heard him, and thought of his birthday. Now we already have 2 cats, one is our old girl whom we have had since we moved into this house. The other is Mathilda’s cat who adopted us one day last year. And then there is Sweet Pea, our mutt. But, I just felt like he was ready to have an animal to himself. To learn responsibility and sacrifice. We were planning on going out of town for a week and I didn’t want to get a kitten before, so I wrapped up a stuffed one and put a tag on it that said, “pick me, I owe you one kitten” He was very happy.

mose kitty present

We do a day of birthday choices. Mose picked a breakfast of donuts, Mexican for lunch and sushi for dinner, topped off with an ice cream cone for dessert. The official song and wish.

mose bd candle in icecream

After our trip he had a football birthday party with his friends at the Great Lawn at City Park. With cookie cake and gatorade and chips and Kit Kat’s. His fav.

mose b day 14 cake

The boys in battle.

mose bday game

The gangs all here.

mose b day gang

Later that day we headed to the LASPCA and found Mose’s forever kitten. Here she is. Kit Kat, his new fav. She is a perfect companion. So much fun. Will chase anything and then snuggles. Yummy.

mose bday 14 kit kat



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  1. Teri says January 30, 2014

    He is yummy too! HBD to all 3 of you.

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