Must haves

Number 1

I was thinking the other day about the things I can’t live without, like my family and friends and turkish pistachios nuts, among many others things. I kinda have a list like that in my design life, as well. A go-to list of things I love for a home. Here is the first group in the ever evolving list of life’s and home’s little pleasures.

Obesession board 7 must haves


1. The Eames rocker. Made in lots of reproduction varieties. (I really love the real thing, though. $499) This is a go-to chair for any room.  And no matter your size, you fit in it perfectly. For gaming, TV watching or as an accent in the bedroom or on the porch. My all time fav. It rocks, so yeah! 2. Ok, I’m sorry, who doesn’t love a kitten. They are the best pets. Soft, snuggly, independent, playful, and I am a dog lover and owner, but a kitten is just so… yummy. Adopt one at your local SPCA.  Warm your home right up. 3. Love, love, love the Random Light by Mooii. $640 for the small. This comes on 3 sizes and is just so striking. When on in the dark, it throws spider web shadows across the ceiling. Coolest. 4. I get so excited when I get a candle as a gift. It is my favorite to give and to get. They just cozy up any room and the flicker, well…This one from White Wood $49, has the Vetiver scent I love plus Rum for a little spice. 5. There has to be music in the house. My dream is to one day play this Makala ukulele $42, but in the meantime just having it around makes me happy. 6. The RENS sheepskin rug $29, is the best for warming up anything. Chairs, floors, dogs. It can be thrown anywhere to bring out the softness in life (or cover up that red wine stain on the sofa.) 7. The Compobili by Kartell $120 is the perfect table/storage piece for anywhere really. In red, silver, white, black and with optional casters it can roll too. 8. Ok, I have found the absolute kitchen tool. This Jetz Scrubz $7 sponge is really amazing. It doesn’t stink, it hasn’t torn and I have been using it for about 6 month straight now. I know, right. Yay!! 9. Ahh, the pouf. Even the name sounds great. So practical and elegant. Just right to perch on or put the tired kicks on. In sooo many colors and soooo many to choose from. Some the real deal, some just ok, but oh how I love.



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