St Lucia

Mardi Gras coconuts

We took the opportunity to head over to St. Lucia at Mardi Gras. We had planned for this trip to be for just Josh and I during the summer, but had to cancel. So the kids came along.


It is a pretty amazing landscape, with the Piton mountains in view.  These two volcanic mountians in St.Lucia are a World Heritage Site. The Gros Piton, shown here, is 771 m high. This view is from our hotel/resort, Chocolat. A Boucan resort of secluded bungalows and pristine grounds, it is cocoa plantation and boutique hideaway. Yay!

Pretty magical. The pool, restaurant and bar area.

You had me at mossy rocks.

We headed out to Sugar beach on our first day. This Viceroy Sugar Beach resort is super chic, but major $$ to stay at. We decide to just hang on the beach in front of the resort and enjoy the view.


We had lunch in their restaurant, Bayside. A view of the Ante Pitons in background.

At Sugar beach on Mardi Gras day we did catch a few coconuts.

At the end of the day, we hoped a pink taxi for a ride to back to the car.

In St. Lucia there are lots of waterfalls. So we hiked to this one.

Then, some of us, enjoyed the sprays of another. So many waterfalls, not enough days!

The are Sulfur Springs in St. Lucia, too.  The creation of the sulfur springs, came from a weak spot in the crust of the enormous collapsed crater creating an upheaval of lava 410,000 years ago. You can take a dip in the mud for a mud bath. These baths are said to have healing powers. So we dove right in.

We drove to a couple other beaches, too. This one pretty secluded.

There were hot sulphur spring pools. Some with hot water and some cold. This waterfall was hot. So umm…cool.

Anse Cochon, or “Bay of Pigs,” features pure black and gray-colored sand. It was a great place for hanging out and snorkeling.

Very interesting rocks formations.

The city of Soufriere had lots of colorful houses and restaurants. Some of my fav things to do is just walk around and check out the people going on with their life in these cities.

Street life.

We loved this church.

At Boucan, we did a chocolate plantation tour and made our own chocolate bars. Mose is holding a cocoa pod here.

All the ingredients for chocolate making. Cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar. The bowls were super hot and we had to crush the cocoa beans and add the other ingredients, really quickly. It was hard work.

We always try to squeeze in a fishing trip while on an island.

But there was no catching on this one :/

The kids loved this trip. St. Lucia is a really interesting island for it’s variety of landscapes. And lots of stuff to do.

Piton greens and we are out.



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