Cape Cod 2013

Bi yearly trip to Wellfleet!

Every other year or so we head over to the Cape for some family time. Here are the kids in the house we have rented for a few years. It’s on Lil’s Way.

cape 13 lils way


The Houston Mayers are always there to play with us. El at lunch at Sunbird.

cape 13 lunch with el


We love going to the ponds in Wellfleet. Here we are at Gull and Long ponds. Where some dock sitting and fishing was happening.

cape 13 the ponds

Mose catches one.

cape 13 mose with fish

The Bernstein girls were with us at Gull Pond. They really love fishing and the worms we use for bait. Worm smile.

cape 13 ginger worm smile

cape 13 holly fish

MJ gets silly with a little fishy.

cape 13 mj with fish

We found a secret pond called Spectacle Pond. It was off road, quiet and beautiful.

cape 13 mose fish spectacle pond

Father and son fish bonding.

cape 13 father and son fishing

We also did some clamming. Josh loves to clam and the kids too. It’s a tradition on our cape trips. Mose heading over the dunes to Indian Neck.

cape 13 clamming mose

The tide was extremely low this year and we saw so many other creatures, that we wouldn’t normally see. Scallops, and giant welk.

cape mj welk 13


cape 13 welk tongue

Cape clammin

We found enough for chowder!

cape 13 clamming josh

What I love about the Cape is the wild, cold ocean on one side and the clear ponds and bay beaches on the other. At Newcomb Hollow beach. Checking out the waves.

cape 13 beaches

The food, the food, the seafood. The clam strips are my favorite. Besides the lobster, and chowder.

cape 13 clam strips

Mose tells his fish story.

cape 13 moseys fish

P-town visit was short this year.

cape 13 p town buoys

cape whale 13

We got to do a little surfing and had a great time with El and her friend Maddie.

cape 13 surfer girls

Surf’s up!

cape 13 mj surfboard

Saying goodbye to the girls after lobster rolls at Mac’s.

cape gitls w mj mose 13

Wellfleet is such a treasure. We love it there!

cape 13 treasures



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