Lusher’s Hello Dolly

OMG Ermengarde

Mathilda was cast in Lusher’s High School Drama Dept production of Hello Dolly. She played the role of Ermengarde, Vandergelder’s 17 year old niece who wants to marry Ambrose, an artist. Vandergelder doesn’t want her to marry him and she pretty much cries the whole time she is on stage. But it’s a funny part, and she nails the physical comedy and the whining. Although, she is not a whiner by nature, she is very dramatic and the whining came very naturally 🙂 The whole cast was amazing. So much fun!


Whining away!!! WAAAAAA!!

Hello d mj crying closer

With Vandergelder.

Hello mj ross

She hated her costume. She called it her curtain. I thought it was appropriately obnoxious for her character. Photo by Suzi.

Hello mj close  up

The really amazing thing about this play was the entire set was designed and made by the CA Stagecraft students, the dance scenes, (which were amazing) were performed by the CA dance students and the live score was played by CA music students. Quite impressive.

Hello mj singing

My favorite number, The Parade. There were also about 50 drama troupe students from the lower school who performed in this number. Just fantastic!

Hello parade

The Encore. There were tears on stage for the final performance. Most were tears of joy. (It was a lot of work and very time consuming) But for the seniors, it was hard to say goodbye.

hello encore

The pit.

hello band

Outside after the show, there were lots of admirers waiting for hugs. Josh was first in line.

Hello after with josh

Grayson had a very big role as Barnaby. He did a really great job. So proud of them.

Hello mj and gray

The entire cast and orchestra sent a video to Popeye’s for their “Love That Music” national contest. Mathilda was very excited about it. They ended up winning the entire thing and received 10,000 for the music program. The NO Advocate made it out to the show and Mathilda and friends were in the social section.

Hello newspaper

Mathilda also got to go pick up the check, and also ate lots of free Popeyes! Just Wow!

Hello 10000 check



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