Mose’s Bar Mitzvah

We had an amazing time in Israel celebrating Mose's Bar Mitzvah. Jerusalem is one unbelievable place. A religious mecca. So interesting. We loved it!

Our hotel was awesome. Mamilla.

israel mamilla

The old city.

jerusalem sign


israel flags

Cantor Coleman from Temple Sinai in New Orleans made the journey with us to Israel and officiated the Bar Mitzvah. It was very special to have him there.



The service was held in the desert overlooking Jericho. It was an awesome backdrop. With music and camels and local Bedouins.



Also joining us were the Houston Mayers (- James) and the Israel Bernstein/Shukers, (who live in Israel and are Josh’s 1st cousins.) Words cannot express how happy we were to have them all in attendance. Joy!





Mose reciting his Torah portion.

bar mose reading

An Israeli tradition at a Bar Mitzvah is to throw candy at the Bar Mitzvah boy. Eleanor and Sam getting into it.

Mose bm candy


The cousins.


The dancing celebration.

bm yossi

Mose celebrates on the camel. Everybodys hands go UP!


The Houston Mayers.

bm houston mayers

Mathilda with her head scarf. She wears it well.

bm mathilda at desert

The whole gang. Thanks for sharing this day with us. We love you all.

bm mose and group

Mr. Mose, proud and happy it’s over.

bm the view desert

We also did some group community service at a soup kitchen after the service. Mose slinging hash.


Everyone gave of themselves today.

bm community service

Very nice end to a beautiful, inspiring day.


The rest of our trip was great. We did a lot. Here are a few highlights.

Ceaseria. Historical port city. Lovely place.


Josh is king of the world.

bm josh at ceaseria

The Dead Sea. Mucking it up.


The Dead Sea from afar.

isreal the dead sea


isreal massada

The Western Wall. Leaving a few prayers.


bm wall

Archaeological dig. Mose found pottery.



Graffiti/Mural in Tel Aviv. Old city of Jaffa was amazing.



Mose’s birthday party in Tel Aviv.



Dinner with Abraham via camel.



Mose in the bell caves.

isreal bell caves

Old city market.

iseral market

Did you know, the pomegranate is said to have 613 seeds, which corresponds with the 613 mitzvot or commandments of the Torah? Cool! I love Pomes!

israel pomegrante

Yad Vashem. The most amazing museum I have ever been to. So sad yet so uplifting.

isreal yad vashem

Once home, we celebrated his accomplishment with many friends and family at a dance party at his favorite Taco place, Felipes.

DJ and Cake balls included.



The celebratory Horah!


Dancing with friends.


Poster to sign. Always a duck!




Much more dancing!zFZgKf910-BBk0jAkkQrcDewW_6i11dpoc-FWGXiZyI

Yeah Mose!

bar party with chelsea

The video we showed at his party!


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  1. Granny says July 31, 2013

    AWESOME! love the ritual and family connection in the Bar Mitzvah! what an incredible location, surely added to the spirit of it all! Love to all! Granny

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