The no worry dolls

Over the holidays last year, I made a few no-worry dolls to go with the series of paintings I was working on. I sold them all, but had a ball making them and want to get back in the studio and make some more. Hoping I have no worries this school year!!

I used rice for the bottom half of the no worry babies. Which gives them a very squeezable touch. Good for worrying!!

worry dolls close

I have no idea what I named them. It was a very fast sell out, so I lost track of the names…

worry doll 1

I purchased most of the velvet bottoms at Mood Fabrics in New york.

worry doll 2

My fav.

worry doll 4

The sweet girl.

worry doll 5

Most of the gold studs came form my Mom’s stash she gave me.

worry doll 3

The (very blurry) animal.

worry doll 6

In the studio. The tall one I even forgot to photograph…

worry dolls



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