wild times and more

Let’s talk about the the fun things, like biking through neighborhoods and discovering street art that speaks, but no one has been listening. And the baking, so much incredible baking. I’ve found a few things that I am indulging in (because I am lucky enough to be able to) and thought I would share a little inspiration for all of us in on this wild ride.



First up is the 1) Canyon bed from Leanne Ford for Crate and Barrel. Before all this, I had this bed in my cart and was ready to dive in. But now I am just dreaming about it. It could be in my future, but I hope it is definitely in yours. Speaking of all the baking. 2) The Peanut Butter Kiss cookie has a nostalgia that screams warmth and care and with a kiss in the name, we need all of these we can get. The weather is just about right for afternoons splashing around. The 3) Glitter Poll ring from Bando makes a big splash in the back yard and the glitter makes everything better. At 25$ it feels extravagant without being so. These days we need versatility. 4) The Seeded Stool from Anthropologie 148$ is a great price and can be used all over the house and the patio too. Love this pattern. I have been riding my bike a lot. The weather has been incredible and I need to get out of the house. With virtually no cars on the roads it’s a great way to see so many new things right in my own town. Art and creativity is all around. I’ve just been too busy zooming (different kind of zooming;) from place to place to notice. It’s important to have a hands free option when cruising and the 5) Jules Convertible belt bag $68 is the only way to travel. It’s great for biking, but when all this is over, you can use it (hopefully) for many, many nights out. I’m trying to shop local and my fav interiors store in NOLA is Sunday Shop. They have the best curated mix of new and vintage. This 6) Floral Nancy throw pillow is a little bit pricey at 250$, but because of the amount to time we are spending on our sofas, I think it’s work the splurge for a fresh mood. Another local favorite, Saint Claude Social Club has a spirited assortment of clothing, accessories and beauty products to brighten any quarantine induced coma. 7) The African Beauty Butter is rich with avocado oils and sourced from Africa. It can go anywhere on the body and at only 25$ it’s an indulgence that pampers without price tag. I don’t know about you, but this pause has given me reason to wear comfort and only comfort. 8) This Animal Print Zara dress at 70$ is the perfect day dress and bike riding ensemble that gets some looks and looks amazing on. It’s a wild time y’all and I’m all in. The Dip Slide found at my go-to clothing store Pied Nu is all you could ever want in a sandal. Comfortable and chic with cushion where it counts. The print is so unique. I am wearing these like a party is always going on at my house. Back on the bike, I have found that these days we need design that does double duty. This 10) Compass Ring Alarm bike bell 8$ has a compass to right my wrong turns and makes a great ding for the “hellos” and “I’m on your lefts”.




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