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school's out for summer 2014

The last day of school is always bittersweet. Saying goodbye to friends for the summer and excited at the prospect of another year finished, thus another year closer to…the future. This photo is especially bittersweet as these two rats will not be attending the same high school next year. Big changes for Mose as he embarks on his new adventure, know as Franklin High School. New for him, but not new for the Mayer family. Josh and Eric both went to Franklin and all Mark’s kids did, as well. Mose decided to try something different for high school, not necessarily different from his sister, (although possibly) but different for him. We are very happy for him and hope he will forge his own path of success with the Falcons. Let the rivalry (and the carpooling) begin! Oy vey!

Last day of school '14

At the beginning of the school year, I gave Mose a challenge. He had never gotten Honor Roll in middle school (although had come points away) and he had never gotten the Lusher Citizenship award. An award given to those few who emulate the Lusher Pride rules. The first and most important is the kindness rule. That, among others, to be a good role model, academic excellence, hard work, respect, etc. Until this year Mose was never really interested in those qualities of studentship. But with the “I have to get into Franklin” bug up his you know what, he made honor roll first half of the year. And on the last day of school, he got in the car with the Citizenship pin in his hand and put it into mine.

No words, just a smile. They do grow up.


Last day of 9th grade, Mathilda received the Excellence award for Musical Theatre Level 1. That is pretty cool recognition. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy that they BOTH came home with pins.

MJ-1 Mose-1

Last day awards 14



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