Wall murals

And other off the wall stuff

I’ve been looking around for wall mural ideas and have found a few I am really smitten with. Many of my clients have blank walls and murals are an easy a way to bring warmth to a room without having to spend too much cash. All of these are on Fab, the online discount modern design shop I love.


This one, oh my. Girly, girl here I come. Romantic Pop Wall mural.


The Vincent Van Gogh pixel portrait mural, consisting of squares you put together to form the great Dutch master, well reconstructed.



Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum plates, admired globally for centuries—have been printed on a series of perfect squares. What a great idea. I have always loved the plate collage, and this makes it user friendly and affordable.



The Sailing Wall mural sends you to a place, you really want to be. Even if you don’t like sailing, experts say the color blue slows respiration and heartbeat, making you physically feel calmer. And who doesn’t like sailing, anyway.


The flowers have me. This still life by Jan Davidsz de Heem is a great one to bring life into a very modern space. Snap together the squares to make your own masterpiece. Love it.








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