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I love graffiti/street art/collage. And have since college Painting 101. Rauschenburg, Jasper Johns, all the graphic masters. Basquiat, my ultimate bestie. Bansky, and the list continues. So I am always on the look out for street art. I love the inpermanance of it. One day it’s just a wall, then one day…wow. Super coolness from some unknown artist.  When Doug McCash introduced me to Brandan Odums and his Florida housing project blighted apt canvas in 2013, I could barely contain myself (from private property trespassing) to see it (I wonder where my daughter gets it;) It was not open to the public, but intrigued me for years. Then, this November, he wrote about another project by Brandom Odums that we could go see, but for only one day. That day. Thank you universe. I grabbed my family and dropped everything to get over there. In the Algiers apartment complex on the west bank was a five story, outdoor, amazing spectacle of street art. Called Exhibit BE. A dream site for me. There was music and food and people, every kind of person. It was a moment. One that will be up there on my list of most awesome art experiences I’ve seen in my life. It moved me like the Basquiat show at the Brooklyn Museum in 2005 and the Sculpture Garden, in our own New Orleans City Park does, every time I visit it. Here are just a few of the artists amazing works from 2 different visits to the site. (It was so popular it stayed open until January.)


It was a knock out. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

ex b ali


Josh checking it out.

ex b bomb big

ex b front josh

Awesome installation by Ayo Scott.

ex b graphic installation


Mose with Tupac.

ex b tupac


Why be great?

ex b why b great


Totally wicked.

Ex b alligator


Mathilda loved these twins.

Ex be twins and mj

My fav, Jeremy Paten. Very cool guy. I want him to do a wall in my house.

Ex b jeremy ex b close up jeremy

Ex b king


I really loved this girl. The artist Kate Hanrahan was super sweet.

ex b girl with stirngs


Most of the works upstairs were by Brandan Odums. Mostly African American Icons.

Ex b freedom ex b mlk


So many great statements to ponder.

Ex b let go


ex b new orleans

This was a portrait of a boy murdered on the streets of NOLA.

ex b wall

ex b face



No question about my devotion to this project. Happy place.

ex b uterly devoted




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