Sayulita Shines

But the taco was the bright spot.

I have been reading about this little surf town called Sayulita on the west coast of Mexico. It is about 35 minutes north of Puerto Vallerta. It seemed to have a very chic vibe, nice surfing beach and great food. We ventured there over Mardi Gras this year and I fell in love with it.

Say fish taco

It is a perfect beach town. Vibrant and eclectic. And small enough to be able to walk it in an afternoon.

Say paper flags

Esto es Mexico

SAy kids in front of peligros

You know me, it is usually all about the house (or the hotel). In this case it was the house. Found on the boutique homes website, I love. It was called Magia. The perfect house on a hill overlooking Sayulita and the ocean.

Say magia sign

Very high up. Very steep hill. But definitely magic. Mose enjoys the hammock.

Say mose in hammock

Another deck view. With the Acapulco chairs I love.

Say house upstairs view

The front facing the ocean.

Say magia front

And ahhh yes, the pool. Mathilda enjoys.

Say pool mj

Mathilda’s room was sweet. Siesta!!

Say bed mj

I have to say the house was awesome. The only scary thing, well there were 2. The scorpions we found in our bathroom. (this has happened before in Mexico) So exciting. And the climb up the hill to the house after the beach. Here we are heading down. Easy.

Say long walk

The beach. Well the beach was really great. In the main square there is a surfing beach that has long, soft breaks. Perfect for beginners. Like me. This beach was the one right down from our house. Way more quiet than the one in town.

Say beach

The town beach has paddle boarding, and surfing, and charter fishing options on a great promenade with shops and taco stands and nice restaurants too. Very chic and lovely.


The Real Fish Taco shop. (best taco my ass!!) really good tacos. All the taco stands were great. If you like tacos like we do, this town is for you.

Say real fish taco

Another perfect taco. Fresh, watched her make them.

say taco stand

Some really nice design in Sayulita. By Mexicans mostly, but lots of Americans and Canadians there too. Ice cream stand.

Say ice cream

Burrito Revolution!

Say burrito

A shop called Evoke that I adored. Bought a couple necklaces there. Fine, fine styling. Love the bench.

Say evolve

I saw a crazy good array of colorful pom pom garlands I was dying for. Couldn’t decide what to get…

Say pom poms

Our favorite shop by far though, was the Revolucion del Sueno. A great mix of funny t shirts, bags, poster, jewelry, pom poms, pillows, artworks, etc. Mathilda and I loved it so much.

Say bags

Inside. “The Mexican” He was used on t shirts and pillows, doing silly American things, like wearing water wings, or with a Batman mask and Cape, or on a hipster bike. Josh got one.

say inside store

The boats on the beach.

say boats

We chartered one of these boats with Fidel and he took us out the Meridas Islands where we went snorkeling to the hidden beach and saw Blue Footed Boobies. On the way there, we saw dolphins, a giant Manta ray and a whale mom and baby.

Say on the boat

The whales. Super cool.

Say whales

We also threw in a few lines and caught a couple Mahi Mahi. Couldn’t get any better. They all had one at once!!!

Say everyone fishing

Josh reeling his in.

Say josh catching mahi mahi

Great day on the water.

Say mose and mj on boat

We checked out a couple other beaches while we were there. We really liked the beach at San Fransisco.

Say mose beach bum

It had the Mexican sweets.

SAy candy vendor

Always happy to see a lifeguard hut.

Say beach hut


The graveyard beach was cool too.


Say cemetary


As with all Mexican towns, just wandering and looking was a great time for me. While Mathilda rode horses on the beach and Josh and Mose did another fishing excursion, I roamed the streets of Sayulita. Great town for that. Here’s what I saw.


Mosaic sidewalks.

Say dolphin mosaic

Hotel Hafa. If I were to come back with just Josh or some girls, I would stay here.

Say hafta hotel

Bottle cap art. Mose has started collecting bottle caps now.

Say bottle cap art

The religious symbols and alters are always my favorite to look at.

Say tile madoona

The Jesus shelfie.

Say  corner jesus


Local church

Say church crosses

Boat alter

Say madonna alter

School yard art.

Say school art

Street art.

Say octopussy

Dream catchers.

Say dream catcher

Heading up?

Say arrow

The city of hearts.

Say heart surfboard

Loved this town and all it offers. One of the coolest things was the glitter beach. It really did shine like gold in the sun. Lovely, bright, golden. Sayulita.

Say gold flecks







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