Bending rods.

Hopedale Highway

We took advantage of a few days off for Fall Break to redeem a charter fishing trip we bought at our neighborhood benefit last spring. Our friend and neighbor Bob, lent us his camp on the Hopedale Highway for a little rest before the early morning wake up call. The view from his camp.

fishing hopedale hwy

As I have lamented before, fishing starts way too early for me, these guys weren’t even up yet.

fishing boats 13

We hooked ’em early, though. Trout for everyone.

fishing mj trout 13

Lovely spot in the morning light. Shell beach and Breton sound area.

Fishing 13 hopedale mose trout

Silly hair for the ride around to find the Redfish.

fishing mj hairraising

Mose finds the big bull red and has a time pulling him in.

Mose bending rod

In the boat and hanging on.

Fishing mose bull red

MJ gets a red too.

fishing mj kissing

My Sheephead.

Fishing sheephead

A great time was had in the few hours we were out. The rain sent us in. Until the rain check with Capt. Jacques.

fishing hopedale 3




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