Elena’s before and after

Cool teenage room for cool teenage girl

Elena’s bedroom started out as a porch/sun room. We transformed it to a much more chic area with Four-poster bed, sitting area, study desk and closet/drawer space. There are a few befores here and quite a few afters. The process of designing a space for me, starts with the mood board. I did quite a few for E’s room. It’s funny, sometimes one board wins over all the others. In this case, we took pieces from all the boards. Here they are.
Elena board 2Elena board 1Elena board 4Elena board 3

The desk wall before. (There’s Ralphie the family Shih-tzu)

Alicia elena before 1

Drawing for Desk/closet wall.

Alicia eelena board closet

Finished wall, which includes 2 closets, a chest of drawers, a desk area, a chalkboard, an awesome wallpaper wall, some shelving and a file cabinet. Mostly Ikea components.

Elena closet wall 2

Another view.

Elena wallpaper

And a closeup of that amazing wallpaper Monaco from Flavor Paper.

Elena wallpaper closeup

The bed wall before.

Alicia elena before 3

After, with bed, chalkboard headboard and hanging lamp, plus Reoriented Flor carpet squares.

Elena bed

A close up. WTF pillow by Alexander Ferguson.

elena bed chalk close

The sitting area is key and is where Elena does homework or reads. Here’s Raphie checking out the digs, and himself. (next to Ralphie, the tiger rug is my fav.)

Elena dog


The Jonathan Adler Brasilla side table.

Elena close up table

The mirror wall before. (gosh that dog loves the camera;-)

Alicia elena before

The built in mirror was a very cool element in the room.

elena mirror bed

I love the distressed dresser we borrowed from another room in the house. West Elm lamp.

Elena mirror dresser

The letters that make Elena’s name came from different sources. Marquee lights are available at Urban Outfitters.

Elena sign name

A really fun renovation and a great client to work with. Nothing better. Well, except for maybe these shoes.

Elena close up shoes 2




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