It’s shoe time!

Stars every one

I have been uncontrollably shoe shopping. It’s that time of year when my toes are ready for some air. It’s fest time! Outfits need to be ready, right?


Here are a few of my favorite looks this festival season and anytime, really.

Obesession shoes


1) So this shoe I have in my possession. I love these Velvet Sneakers  from Zara $80, so much. Why? Well navy and black to be exact. What I love so much is the navy velvet with the black leather trim, but the white sole just turns it up! Awesome. 2) Hunter boots rule around here. These particular boots, the Original Fringe Front Rain Boot $195 is a little bit English, yet a lot a bit not. Think of the amazing swishing and splashing that will be happening! Let it rain! 3) Ok, I just ordered these Corvette Platform Sandal $128 at Free People. They are sweet and kinda wild at the same time. Looking very comfy in the pony hair. 4) Yes, I own these too, I know, stop already, but these were a must have for the festival season. Meaning rain, mud, sweat, yuck. The Jefferson Sprinkle shoes from the Native Brand $60 at Zappos are great. I love what they say about them, “the perfect blend of good taste and subtle rebellion” That’s me! In EVA construction, (whatever that means:) they are soft and pliable and super comfy. And water proof! 5) So these are for a night out after fest, I guess. I am kinda into the gladiator look that is running rampant across my desktop, but at my age, I’m not feeling the look is quite right for me. However, these babies still hint at it and I adore the gold details. The Lace-up Block Heel sandals from Zara. At only $80, they may be coming my way at some point. 6) Havaianas!!! How do I love thee. Always a winner, anytime. The Slim Fresh in black $28 are perfect. Perfect, perfect. 7) Well now. Let’s talk about these Isabel Marant Glitter Suede Flame trainers $545 OMG! I bought these. I did, I had to. However, I sent them back. Not because I didn’t love them, not because they were way too much money (I have been working really hard!) but because they were too small and a little too hard. These puppies are super cute tho (like a Muses throw you can actually wear!) and I may order them again in a bigger size. I am contemplating… 8) The Naya Seeker Wedges $129 at Anthro are a great blend of rocker and comfort, and not too clunky. With a velcro closure and a semi platform heel, I am sold. 9) I am really loving this company Matt Berenson. The HGO Double Zip $299, had me at memory foam, not to mention the double zipper with leather pull strap. Strap me in!



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