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Tribal influence

When Josh and I married some 20 years ago one of the top “must haves” was an agreement for a Mardi Gras hiatus every other year. That worked really well, until our kids got to Middle School. In order to save our sanity and arguing over parades and beads, we started leaving every year. Now I find myself possibly home this year. With Josh off on a boys trip, I am saddled with holding down the fort with my 18 year old senior-in-high-school-know-it-all son. (I know you are not envying me right now. And yes a few prayers would be appreciated). However, to get myself psyched up for what I am hoping will be a subdued but inspiring Carnival, I give you my inspiration for keeping sane and in the ready.


1)My fav, and always comfy and stylish shoe company Camper, has these Fiss boots 115$ in red for the long walking days at parades and just in case it rains, you’re covered. This Jassa pendant light 119$ from 2) Urban Outfitters can do no wrong. It’s flash of color and surprising shape screams party, especially in groups. The 3) LOVE brooch 128$ from Anthropologie is a great accessory on any outfit, for any parade, day or night. It’s big and bold, just like all the festivities should be. This photo I found of a painted tribal man imbues the vibe I am going for this year. Color and dots and ethnic touches. The 4) Electra Townie GO! Bike is all I dream about, especially logging the miles to those Uptown parades. What makes this bike so special and eek! 2599$ so expensive is it is battery powered to give you a major boost when you have had way to much fried chicken and king cake at that Mardi Gras gathering. Amazing, amazing bike for long rides and when you are just pooping out. (Which I plan on doing a lot of this year) 5)I love the Danette pillow $68 from Anthropologie for it’s vintage loom vibe and the pom pom corners. Pom poms are a definite must in my inspo for Mardi Gras costuming. And the rainbow of colors go with all that’s good in the world. One love. So the Zara outfits in this weeks section “new in” has blown my “Mardi gras costume mind” not only for the amazing and perfectly coordinated color combos, but it’s like the bridesmaid dress that keeps giving. Even after Carnival costume days have expired, you can wear the pieces with all your closet has to offer. I had a hard time picking my favorite. But the 6) Midi Buttoned Skirt $49.90 is so stripey-go-to. Paired with the super Striped Sweater 29.90$ and the fanny pack combo is just woah! I am having trouble FOCUSING! And I won’t even bother with the sock-shoe combo. Too much. But that’s just it, it’s not really expensive at all. I am waiting by my Fed Ex-guy door! I was pretty set on doing a cool custom headdress this year, but I am petering out on the many hours of work idea. So I am thinking a crazy 7) Large Wig 10$ with some pom pom embellishments thrown in, may be the ticket. Love the color duo here. To pull the whole tribal look together some Isadora Tassel Drop earrings $38 from Anthropologie are looking festive, are within budget and are helping me tell myself that I can have fun, be prepared and not have to costume stress this year. Bring on the mambo!




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