Middle school makeover

A boy and his mountain

I did a room redo for a new middle school boy, over the summer. It was a blast. This family owns a vacation house in Colorado and this boy loves to ski. Loves the mountain. So we came up with the idea of using the ski slope map as a mural. I did 3 boards for this room. There was one favorite, but we took pieces from other boards, as well.


Eli board 2


We took the Deckstool bench from this board and the Dolan Geiman fox painting, as well.

Eli mood board 3

This is the one we used, for the most part.

Eli mood board 1

Here is the before pic of the main wall.

Eli room before

And the after here. The ski map was made at Murals Your Way. The hanging chair is from Ikea. I loved it in the space because it has the look and sensation of a ski lift. Cool.

Max room looking at map:chair

His name is Eli, so the recycled metal letters from Watson and Co., add to the industrial/natural vibe of the room, create some depth, and adds a personal touch.

Eli room ELI letters

The Deckstool bench (made from recycled skateboards) also helps with the organic, yet graphic feel.

Max room deskstool bench


Another view looking out the windows. I love how the Sapphire chandie from Zuo Modern and the Dot Pattern shade from The Shade Store mimic each other in their shapes. When I was installing the room, the Dad came in and saw the connection for the first time and said. “Wow, that’s really cool. Did you do that on purpose?” Well, yeah! 😉

Eli view to windows

The Cambium Aster Flor tiles look like a blown up version of the maps green forest parts and the red random stripe adds interest and color, which connects the rest of the red elements throughout.

Eli floor shot

Another view of the right side. CB2 Proof Nightstands and Raven side lamp helps with the industrial look. Bed is West Elm.

Eli room right map wall

The Dot wood hooks are CB2. I really love these. They are so functional, but can also just be artistic by themselves. We showcased Eli’s medals on some of them.

Eli room medals wall

The sitting area features a Lasso chambray sofa from Zuo Mod and Eli’s own bear skin rug. Recycled poufs for lounging legs and the floor lamp for reading

Max room sofa wall

The SKI LODGE pillow by Alexandra Ferguson screams the theme. Bedding West Elm.

Eli bed ski lodge

We added a few chalkboard sections for expression and homework reminders. This one on the back of a door. Black diamonds all the way!

Eli blk diamond

A great transformation. And great fun to do. A wonderful family to work with, too. Time to hit the slopes! Bring it.

Eli room from chair





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