Navy blue picks

My new black

I have been very interested in Navy these days. I always have loved navy as it is just a shade off of my favorite, black. But it has been popping up a lot in my interiors inbox lately. Not sure if it is the new black, but… Here are a few navy items I am wishing for.

Obesession board 2


1. OMG this Pecorelle chair from Arflex with it’s furriness is so awesome. My heart skips a beat. 2. The Eskayel Supernova pillow is a favorite of  mine. I have been eyeing everything from Eskayel for awhile now and this pillow is in my, kinda, price range $150 at ABChome. 3. The Tassel lamp in Navy and charcoal is super cool. $795  4. I really just love poufs. This one in navy and gray mixed up Chevron is also a great shape. $249  5. This Audrina $349 dress in mine. Really. I own it in all it’s lovely navy accents and pleats and sheerness and python. Yummy!  6. I have been looking for navy shoes for quite a while. Although I am not sure these are the exact ones I need, they are so cool because they are waterproof. The Flocked Rain Wedges $148 from Anthro are genius.  7. Wow, it must be an IT color if even a navy table has landed on my screen. This one by Bludot. $699



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