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I have a current obsession with a trend called Scandinese. It’s like a cross between Scandinavian simplicity mixed with Japanese influences. Which are simple in themselves. It really is, in my house, just adding in some basic, but interesting, items in black. I have been adjusting my look somewhat and this really just means some clean lighting changes and altering some brown for black. (ie. black paint) I’m also changing my rugs to simpler lines and adding black and white stripes, or dots. It’s amazing what just changing a few things can do to alter my mood. Very Zendanavian!!


The summer Scandie looks I’m loving.

Obesession summer

I changed out my powder room lighting to this 1) West Elm Mobile Chandelier 269$ I wanted something way pricier but in the end I think this one is the perfect choice. Love the giant bulbs, too. 2) I so want this portable barbeque pit from Eva Solo. The To Go Grill on Design Public is the epitome of Scandinese. Simplicity at it’s finest and it fits together with the smart carry handle lid. xoxox. 3) I bought this rug in bulk. The Ristinge rug from Ikea is big and woven and perfectly serene, but at 199$ OMG, it’s a line drive winner. 4) So shoes, well shoes are always an important summer purchase. These from my new fav Camper. Called the 4) Memphis 175$ I love the white with black for summer and the heel is just right with a touch of stripe. Sold. 5) I have been looking at/wanting/needing this chair for quite awhile. And then the Acapulco chair IN BLACK popped up on my screen ON SALE at, so there u have it. Well, actually, I have it, lol. 6)Speaking of sale, these floor vases are the coolest. I am always looking for big vases for the ginger and fan palms I like to keep in my house. The 6) Chalucanas vases from West Elm are on sale right now for 69$. That’s a great deal. 7) I fell for this Flip Around Chair from Norm Architects 199$ while searching for a client. I wanted to change out the table in the powder room for something more modern and yes, black. But this one is a special one. It can be a stool or tray table table. I flipped!! 8) This botanical print is trending right now, but what I like about the Pattern Cushion 29$ from H&M is it’s subtlety and it’s price. And it’s black!! 9) I have been on the lookout for a Paddle Board for some time. Not really diligently looking, but just looking. Then Target presented it’s new line from Marimekko. (now all on sale!) Marimekko and I go way back, so I have a huge affinity for their products. And look a paddleboard in my fav Marimekko print Kavio 499$. YAY! Riding the wave to a smart simple summer.



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