The Mexican adventure girls weekend

San Jose Del Cabo and a boy

I found this hotel online and thought… GIRLS TRIP!

The point of the the girls trip, for me, is finding a cool, not expensive, interesting experience. It can be art related, destination related or hotel related. This one kind of had it all. Not so much the art, but definitely the other 2.

mex girls drift skulls

The Drift is in the quiet town of San Jose Del Cabo. A few miles, but very far in terms of authenticity, from the much bigger, very touristy Cabo San Lucas. It is an awesome concept for a hotel. It is an Airbnb listing basically. And the staff so sweet and helpful.


A view from my room. Simple, stylish, minimalist. The Drift in not on the beach, so don’t go in August!! Ha, like we did.

mex girls drift windows

It does have a sweet dipping pool, where we hung out A LOT. T. here waiting for her frozen drink! I loved the concrete chairs and fire pit. Very inspiring.

mex girls seating


mex pool

My room here. I had a hardcore shower/tub in the middle of it! Love.

mex girls drift room

All u need for a Mexican adventure is hanging here. The rack super simple and chic.

mex girls closet

The room was awesome and cheap! (like 90$ a night) but you had to pay extra for AC. And the AC not so good when the thermostat is at 105 degrees. So we all pretty much melted.


Rebecca had the room with the hammock. Yay!

mex g hammock

One of the best things about this hotel (besides the pool) was the communal kitchen. Every room had a numbered spot in the fridge for their personal beverages and chocolate bars (in my case), but they provided everything you needed for making coffee or breakfast. You just had to do it yourself and cleanup. There was a chalkboard wall map of San Jose in the kitchen so as you sat with your morning Jo you and your buds could discuss where the day was headed. And where to have dinner.

mex g drift map

Rebecca made coffee for us every morning. (She’s the best!) And not just a plug in coffee maker coffee, but a real french drip coffee with hot milk. Unbelievable. I think word got out and so everyone showed up in the morning for Rebecca’s coffee.

mex coffee

We walked around the quaint town on day one. Breakfast!!

mex girls t and r pink

So many beautiful shops and restaurants. I just love Mexican towns.

mex girls white house

The town church. A few steps from the Drift.

mex g bec at church

We got in the car and headed out to explore, and Rebecca had her first Coco Frio!!

mex g cocos

We checked out the Cactus Gardens. Amazing!!

mex g cactus rows

The furry monsters were just oh so funny looking. We loved it here!

mex g furry cactus

We realized that to get to any cool beach spot we had to drive on some bumpy roads. But we unfortunately rented a 4 door sedan. So we met this sweet guy from LA, traveling alone, at The Drift. He had a Jeep and we had a plan. Ha! Well really, we all wanted to go to Cabo Pulmo which was a good 1 hour or so drive and he offered to drive us. And so the real adventure began!


The view to Cabo Pulmo

mex g cactus hand

Our snorkeling spot! Teri looking for fish on the land. Landlubber!!!


mex cabo pulmo teri

The palapa daze. Awesome spot and worth the ride.

mex cabo pulmo

We got lunch near Cabo Pulmo at Titos Restaurant. Cold beers and a long wait for the food, but tacos were great!

mex titos

Austin and Rebecca at Titos.

mex g baby chick

A beautiful corner back in old San Jose.

mex g corner signs

Next stop Paleteria!!

mex g fuirt stand

All flavors!! How do you choose?

mex g popsicles

Home by the pool Rebecca partakes in the Mezcal tasting! T. and I watch and sip our margaritas into the sunset.

mex g bar at the drift

Next day it’s back in the Jeep. And a hike to the Cascada Sol del Mayo waterfall. Great hike with donkeys and these guys.

mex g with austin

Lovely day and almost there.

mex g waterfall 2

Really magnificent spot. Refreshing after the hike. One of my favorite things to do in my life.

mex g waterfall

Back at the gathering spot at The Drift. Acapulco chairs and dinner plans.

mex sitting area

Last day morning Teri and I headed to the beach near Cabo San Lucas for some paddle boarding and surfer watching.

mex g paddleboard

And just like that, our Mexican adventure came to a close. I loved our rooftop yoga mornings, salsas of every flavor imaginable and new friendships.


Riding off…

mex g sign

Into the sunset, of course.

mex sunset




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