Schools out beach trip


Once again we braved the waves and made our annual beach trip with 6 families this year. This was the place to be!

beach dis b

The house was huge and fit us all nicely.

beach 13 kids

It was Memorial Day weekend so G bean shows her spirit.

beach 13 g bean

There was fishing. The Knoxs.

beach 2013 knox fish

And beach soccer.

beach 13 hutch nico beach 13 soccer

Many games in the house. Mostly winners as Kimaree shows us.

beach 2013 kimaree

beach 2013 games beach 2013 clue

Jack is a sandwich. Yes, very yummy.

beach 13 jack

We made the traditional friendship bracelets. Kate brings her bracelet outside. Very creative holder.

beach 13 kate

And this year,  safety pin bracelets. So fun.


beach 2013 safety pin bracelets

Some girls.

beach 13 casey gab reedy

Some boys.

beach 13 boys

Joshy wishing for fishing. The weather turned windy in the last few days.

beach josh 13

We made some homemade t-shirts to commemorate the week. Mathilda and Mose modeling.

beach 13 t shirts

There was some dancing for dinner.

beach 2013 dance

And the famous Danny Franklin burger night! All good in Gulf Shores. Thanks all!

Beach 2013 danny burger





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