Vermont campers

Another year for Mathilda and Mose at Keewaydin and Songadeewin. For those of you who don't know, this is a tripping camp. Meaning they go out and are dropped off for many days to tent, portage, canoe and hike in the beautiful mountains and streams of Vermont and surrounding areas. Mathilda had 9 days and Mose had 6. As Peter Hare the director at Keewaydin recently said after trips, "Yes, they are dirty and smelly, but they are also walking tall and wearing the kind of smile that says "I've just accomplished something pretty cool." After all of the gear and equipment has been packed away, grime washed way in the showers and check-ins made with the nurses, then we hear the stories: peaks summitted, beautiful lakes traversed, thunderstorms endured, cakes baked, wildlife encountered, and much more.

Drop off at Keewaydin. Nervous excitement!

kee 13 mj and mose

Mose settles in to Tent 9. His staffman is Nate, the wrestling and mystery ball coach. His two favorite activities. He is psyched!

kee 13 mose in tent

The quick goodbye, and kiss and don’t forget to shower and go fishing as much as possible and have fun on your trip and…

kee 13 goodby mose

Mathilda is in a tent this year, in the oldest group. She is thrilled!

kee 13 mj nyssa

Wendy bird has found her Neverland.

kee 13 mj in wendy nird

Daddy’s goodbye.

kee 13 goodbyes



A great drive into Vermont. Cleanest air ever. (except by the dairy farms)

camp 13 vermont

You always know when you’re in Vermont.

camp 13 eat kale

First stop.

Creemees. Nothing better.

camp 13 vermont creemees


We stayed in Warren, VT this year for mid season pick up. It was really beautiful and in the Green Mountains. The Pitcher Inn. Very Americana.

camp 13 josh flag


We usually visit MJ first. And here she is!

camp 13 hellos mj

We headed over to Keewaydin to look for Mose. He was busy at riflery across the mountain, so we took in the lake views.

camp 13 josh mj

All together again.

camp 13 finding mose

After lunch there are activities at camp and we split up to spend the rest of the day.

I stayed at Songa and Mathilda did the Boats Out show. Here she is portaging her kayak. Look ma no hands!

camp 13 mj kayak head

Mose and Josh went fishing at Keewaydin. Look at that lake Bass!

camp 13 mose fish


Mathilda hanging with buddy Veronica.

camp 13 mj and veronica

Last night campfire for MJ.

camp 13 mj campfire

Sunday morning pick up.

Mose is ready.

camp 13 mose is ready

He gives his baseball buddy a hug goodbye.

camp 13 mose gets hug

Lots of hugs and tears at Songa.

camp 13 tearful goodbyes

The Nyssa tent goodbye.

camp 13 nyssa

Heading out to the Cape. Quay, Quay, Quay, campers all the way!

camp 13 ready to go



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