Spring break polka

Beach time? Festive going? Pool sitting?

I was looking at favs for a Spring Break post and kept seeing spots. Well, polka dots that is. Must be a trend, although I have to say, I have loved polka dots forever. Nice to see more around these days. Here are some musts for whatever Spring break you are planning. Beach trip? Jazz Fest? Polka dots and sunny yellow can’t be beat.

Obesession board 8 spring break


1. These round glasses by Tom Ford $425 are so awesome. I am definitely needing an upgrade. 2. This Embroidered Fable dress $168 at Free People is perfect for that beach time dinner or a moonlit stroll. 3. For major beach time or pool lounging, this Pic-nic towel $40 by my favorite Paola Navone for Crate and Barrel, is the best. Love the playful fringe effect. 4. A must have for festing and trying to corral friends. The Smiley Face $20 flag says it all. 5. The Tervis Tumbler in Reeds is $15. I cannot stress enough, why you need this. The insulated cup is the best for the beach and the fest. Keeping whatever labation you love cold for longer. Don’t forget the nifty handle accessory. 6. As far as totes go this one from Zara is spot on. Leather shopper $60 with inside pouch that comes out if need be. Shoulder strap and ready. 7. Always looking for a different Tiny Dot tankini $75 to mix in with my endless array of bikini bottoms. This one looks just right. Basic, but with a little extra. 8. The pool needs an upgrade and Polka dot beach balls $6 are great for adding color and whimsy. At this price I always order new ones each season. These come in bigger sizes and look great just floating around. 9. From Adidas these Polka Dot high tops $65 are too cool. Looking for a fun fest pair and these may be it. 10. At last, the fringe bag $85 is in. In yellow from ASOS, it holds everything I need, so your hands are free for the stuff that counts- like that soft shell crab po-boy.



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