Spring break


This year instead of our annual School’s out trip, we went on a Spring Break trip with friends down to Pensacola, Fl. The weather was a little bit good and a little bit bad. But fun was had, dancing, bananagrams, yummy meals and always lots of laughs. One of the nice days here.

beach 14 sand:sea

We were at the beach over Passover and Easter so we celebrated both in style and in tradition. The Passover Seder plate and table assembled.

beach 14 seder

Josh leading us through the Haggadah. All Goyim in attendance enjoyed the prayers and the symbolism. Lovely, lovely night.


beach 14 seder table


My contribution being the Matzo brittle. Delicious.

beach 14 matzo brittle

We also got into the spirit of dying eggs. So much fun and just a wonderful array.

beach 14 eggs diying 1

beach 14 colored eggs

Beach time was sporadic, at best, as it was a bit chilly and windy a few days. But still great to just sit and to fish, of course.


Knox keeping watch. Hoping.

beach 14 knox

Mose checking out the bait. Sand fleas. Yum?

beach mose with sand crabs

A very cool morning out with coffee and fishermen. A break from above.

beach 14 ray of light

Easter morning brought a few baskets and treats for the kids. The sugar egg is always my favorite. Thanks Sarah.

beach 14 sugar egg

Josh got the chocolate bunny. No fair.

beach 14 josh and bunnie

There was a hunt, too.

beach 14 egg hunt

Georgia bean hanging out. Looking for a Padima partner.

beach 14 georgia

The bracelet making commenced. They have really stepped up their game after all these years. Even Georgia was cruising through the friendship making.

beach 14 friendship

Mathilda models the Easter cracker prizes. Paper crowns for all.

beach 14 easter crackers

The big kids on the beach. Wow. Growing up so nicely. Love you all.

beach 14 kids


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  1. Sarah says May 22, 2014

    Beautiful Jilly. You captured our time together perfectly. What a special tradition this has been!

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