Summer lovin’

Good vibes

It’s summer and I get a little lazy. But summer is always inspiring to me, as it gives me time to be more in the moment. Sunshine is nice too.


1)I am loving this Your Face is Like Sunshine t-shirt 38$ from It just glows and makes me smile. Summer time yellow is my good time vibe. 2) This Backstreet chandelier 2500$ from the newest retail kid on the block,, is like fireworks on the 4th of July. I am loving the gold and glass orbs. 3)The Cabo outdoor chair 498$ from Anthropologie is vintage and modern at the same time. Makes a great statement and is black and white, my go-to color.4) Summer makes me lazy, but it can also inspire a little play time too. I would definitely get out of my pool for a little b ball with this smiley face number from Urban. $59. 5)I love all the dots and Camper is the best for summer shoes. They craft really cool designs with super high quality. The Twins 120$ are wins! 6) The Sunburst rug 168$ from Lulu and Georgia screams summer time fun. It can wake up any room, but the entry may just be the perfect sunny spot. 7) This jumper is in my cart as we speak. Mara Hoffman 250$ does a great swimsuit but this jumpsuit is the coolest, literally. It’s cotton and loose with a ripple design that is so feminine. Greece, we are coming for you! 8) The Barcelona cement tile from Cle’tile is simple and charming. The flower feels innocent and the graphic pattern gives it a modern touch. 9) Bar carts are the best. So versatile for in a bedroom, living room or as a bar by the pool. Love how it eases through life. This rattan one from Anthropologie 748$ is wrapped in a cool graphic ribbon that serves up the style.




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