The white house

Lepage renovation

Our new rental property is finally finished and rented. It is on the back street from our property. It was a mess of a house. Hadn’t been touched since the 70’s. Shag carpet, dropped ceilings, etc. We tried to change it back to it’s original height windows and doors. With some very scaled back clean lines. The rail was changed by taking away the swirls and adding some circles. Plus an Ipe rail topper gives it a more modern feel. I like the wood touch. We added some fun boxwood balls in front, to continue the circle theme. Plus the ball exterior lights. Some paint and accessories. Yellow door.I am very happy with how it came out.

BA front

white house front

white house yellow door


The two bedroom side floor plan was totally redone to add a bathroom and bedroom, plus a hallway for more privacy. It has a nice flow now with closets and an extra storage area. The kitchens and baths were designed with Ikea components.

BA 2 br living



BA Master bath 2 br

white house 2 br master vanities

white house marble tile


BA 2 br kitchen copy

white kitchen 2br sink



BA bath 2nd bath 2 br copy

white house 2nd bath tile

The one bedroom side was made smaller to include a studio for me. It has the original floor plan. The front 2 rooms were separeted (a door was closed up) so I could have the front entrance. A wall was taken out to give this kitchen a more open feel and a bar was added for seating using and old piece of salvaged wood.

BA kitchen 1 br 1


Some other shots of the kitchen. Signature chalkboard vent hood.

white house 2 br stove wall


white house 1 br kitchen island

BA 1 brbath 2



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