Studio updates

Done and dreamy.

The studio is done and I have a couple before and afters here. I am really enjoying hanging out and creating in a very zen space. The windows were changed out to their original height and size to give the light back to the space. Everything painted white. Finally, white floors of my very own.

BA studio frt


We closed up the door leading into the rest of the apt. The back portion of this side of the double is a 1 bedroom rental space for us now. All the cabinetry seen here is Ikea.

BA studio workshop view 1

The entry. That lampshade is covered in an Anthropologie bag I got in the mail. The long painting is one in a series of 9 that I painted while living in Houston after Katrina. Pouf, a prototype of some poufs I am making.

white house studio entry

Living area. Twilight Sofabed is from DWR.

new studio fireplace wall

The hanging lighting are random pieces I found at Lowe’s and etsy and West Elm. They are hanging from a track ceiling strip.

Deckstool skateboard stool underneath.

new studio kitchen wall

Bathroom doll hands soaps. Love!

new studio hand soap

Shower stall hidden behind the office desk. For the Jazz Fest guests.

new studio shower

Storage bins for Interior design samples.

studio storage wall

Mantel closeup. Old painting takes the center.

new studio mantel close


Kitchenette close up.

studio kitch close

Sewing nook.

studio sewing table



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