High School Muscial

Mathilda's (sort of) new room.

With a rickety old bed (my great great grandmother’s) keeping her up at night. I decided it was time to get Mathilda a new big girl bed. Plus, she is moving into another era of life. High School. So while away at camp I ordered a white tufted velvet bed from a sale on One Kings Lane. Plus, I decided to change her vibe a little. She is a very out there kind of girl, so I wanted to paint or wallpaper something fun. I decided to do a starburst sort of thing on her wall behind the bed. I taped it out by eye. Pretty easy. BM Cumulus Cloud.

mj new room starburst

Here it is. Finished. I kept all her red accents and added some more greys and black for sophistication.

mj new room full

On the left wall I added all the Broadway musicals she has seen and loved. Plus a chalkboard wall for her thoughts and dreams. Hee. She was totally surprised by the redecoration.

mj new room mirror wall

Close up of the vintage lips phone. I guess she will never use it with the iphone joined at her hip.

mj new room chalkboard

Mathilda loves tongue twisters and Josh and I saw this tea towel on Colombia Road in London and knew she would love it. View into room. Tongue twisters on the right.

mj new room form door

She also loves horses and I found this horse head (very Kelly Wearstler), at Renaissance in New Orleans for a steal. Must have.

mj new room horse head

Her chair for reading and the Cord Lamp from one of my fav shops Design Stockholm. (I bought it from a friend who was getting rid of it. yay!) Pig painting by Vicki Ogelsby Bible. And pink pig needlepoint found at Good Will.

mj new room lamp

I love these two artworks from when she was little. I got the top one in Paris when Josh and I were just dating and the Tree is from artist and gallery owner Mark Bercier. It is from one of his first collections. Possibly my first art acquisition as a working women. I remember the excitement.

mj new room tree pic

The bathroom was painted and kept pretty much the same, except for the MIHO horse head and the chevron wallpaper from Urban.

mj new room horse head bath

Mose was not left totally out of the redecorating. He got a new duvet. Which was enough for him, because he doesn’t like me “messing with” his room. All good.

mose new duvet




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